Why Advertise with AMP Radio

AMP Radio allows businesses the opportunity to advertise in a format similar to a traditional radio format. The AMP difference is that we allow our customers the ability to localize their spots to make it much more cost effective for all businesses.

Unlike the big watt FM stations we offer
geographically targeted advertising without the waste.

Does it make sense to advertise to someone 50 miles away? 
This doesn't happen with AMP Radio.

Current customers will hear your commercial as well
as potential new customers. Stay top of mind locally.

AMP Radio guarantees you a captive audience 

• Listeners can’t change the station
• Can’t turn it off
• Can’t adjust the volume
• Can’t fast forward through commercials
• There's no way your message isn't heard

It's affordable advertising  -  pennies per play

•More cost effective than all other media

Businesses of all sizes can get affordable results with AMP

Who do we reach? Everyone!

• Dual Income no kids
• Affluent Home Owners
• Families with Children
• Boat Owners
• College Students
• Seniors
• Professionals

Everyone needs to pump gas.

AMP Radio gets results.  Many of our clients have been on
AMP for years as a result of its effectiveness.

The Amp Radio Studios 32 Whiting Street, Plainville, CT 06062
Get your message heard at the pump on The Amp Radio Network
Above: A look at one of AMP's recording studios in Plainville CT. We
will produce your business a professional commercial,  you can even
be the voice.  It will be heard by thousands of people at the pump.
She could be hearing you talk about your business right now on Amp's high quality speakers.

AMP Radio makes getting gas entertaining & fun while  delivering tremendous advertising results
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